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Commonly used composite plastic film of the soft packaging?[ 07-28 22:21 ]
Commonly used compound plastic film flexible packaging: transparent, color, black and white or color printing plastic composite film packaging, aluminum plastic composite films packaging, metal foil plastic composite film packaging, paper plastic composite film packaging, paper / aluminum composite plastic film bag.
What is the performance and process characteristics of POF?[ 07-28 22:20 ]
POF is the meaning of the name is shrink film, multilayer coextruded polyolefin heat shrinkable film. Adopting advanced bidirectional tensile three-layer Jung melt extrusion of special process of POF heat shrinkable film, the production of shrink film has high transparency, high shrinkage rate, high heat sealing performance, high toughness, antistatic, excellent cold resistance characteristics, is a safe and reliable soft shrink film. And POF is the most widely used in the world, the development of new environmentally friendly shrink film.
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