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Product Name:Sachet laminates


Sachet laminates 

Product Description

Product Name Sachet laminates
Application Pharmaceutical Packaging
Benefits ● Cost effective
● Affordable premium packaging solution;
● Available in many designs and shapes to meet specific requirements
● The shape works as an eye-catcher to attract the consumer's attention;
● Available in a wide range of materials, to suit the needs of your product ;
● Available as pre-made bags or pouches or supplied as film for inline processing on your machines;
● Film can be tailored to meet specific barrier, puncture resistance, breathability and cost requirements;
● Available in  wide range of customerized  barrier levels possible (UV, water, gas);
● Available in optional features: handle, Euro-slot, spout & cap, spouts,fitment, handles, reclosing features,valve, laser pre-cut,controlled and guided tear;
● Allows for high quality print and large surface design.
Characteristics ● Reduced spillage
● Excellent moisture barrier for a longer shelf-life;
● Easy-opening for customer convenience;
● Offers breathability with aroma and flavour retention;
● Anti-counterfeiting features available;
● Excellent stability on the shelf
● Improved brand recognition for premium products
● Available in easy opening (pre-laser cut) and reclosable (zip or spout)
● Convenient and easy to use
● Perfect barrier to light, odour, oxygen and water vapour
Service Type Pouch,laminated film 



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Sachet laminates packaging
Sachet laminates packaging
Sachet laminates packaging
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